Mystery hum identified in Green Bay as industrial fans

Case of mystery noises at Green Bay homes may be solved

Five years after Green Bay residents began complaining about mysterious noises inside their home, a consultant says he has tracked the sounds to a refrigerated warehouse located a mile away.

Consultant Richard James, a noise control engineer hired by the city, said he is certain that Americold’s warehouse is creating the low-frequency noise that has troubled nearby residents.

James said he did not contact Americold for the study because he wanted to ensure that the company would not skew the results by changing its normal routine.

He recounted sitting in a car outside the warehouse during his research. “You could literally feel the car shake,” he said.

The situation began in 2006 when residents Bob and Leona Ehrfurth started hearing a strange noise in their home at 2048 Mary Queen Road, about a mile south of Americold. Although barely audible at times, the recurring motor-like rumbling became such a nuisance that Leona Ehrfurth said it was causing her sleeplessness and headaches.

Source: Green Bay Press Gazette

Here is a case the seems to be rather cut and dried: people really were disturbed by a hum coming from industrial noise. There is the question as to whether the noise actually could have given them headaches and made them ill. Did other neighbors complain? Was it specific to this one couple, the structure of their house, their habits or situation? Once you have identified something as an irritant, real or imagined, it irritates you in many unmeasureable ways and your focus on it is keen. This could be the case here. But, it is good to see that diligent work, with the source blinded to the test, resulted in what looks to be the pinpointed cause of this mystery.