Minnesota school district gets offensive proposal on homosexuality education

Conservative Parents Demand School Teach About Ex-Gay Therapy (VIDEO).

A group of conservative Christian parents are demanding Minnesota’s Anoka-Hennepin School District teach “ex-homosexual” therapy and “gay-related-immune deficiency” (or “GRID”), the Twin Cities Daily Planet reports.

The demands come as the school district is in the middle of changing their “sexual orientation curriculum policy,” which students claim produces a “hostile school environment” by banning the discussion of LGBT issues.

Zack Ford of Think Progress writes that the parent’s mention of GRID makes the proposal “particularly offensive,” since the the term hasn’t been used by the medical community to describe HIV/AIDS for over 25 years, making it outdated and inaccurate.

But the conservative parents, members of the Parents Action League, want the district to keep the policy in place and double down on anti-gay policies.

Source: @HuffingtonPost on Twitter

There is a problem in the U.S. when misinformed and ultra-conservative, head-in-the-sand people can dictate such nonsense policy. Not only is it offensive, it’s idiotic and discriminatory. Such a policy wouldn’t stand and to think that a community will not suffer from such a bone-headed attitude is naive. More people should shine a light on such backwards thinking. Here’s hoping that the fact that LGBT issues are not discussed is a clue that they need to be talked about in a sane way. This ISN’T the way.

Here is a link to the local news.