Massive rat scooped up in NYC store

Photo: Giant Rat Found Inside Of A Foot Locker In The Bronx: Gothamist.

Yesterday someone Tweeted this photo of a giant monster rat, supposedly discovered at a Foot Locker in the Bronx.

With this spotting in the Bronx, we think it’s safe to say this superbreed of mutant rat is priming for a takeover of the five boroughs (everyone grab some Mountain Dew). Was there anything in that Mayan prophecy about rodents?


The article links to another giant rat killed with a pitchfork. Neither of these are 3 ft long. In fact this one looks to be about 12 inches not including the tail. The forced perspective of the image, closer to the camera, make it look huge.

So, while this guy is freakin’ scary, he’s not a mutant or a super rat. He looks a bit smaller than an opossum and the guy is holding it with one hand so, not that heavy. He is, however, rather well fed and would not make a good pet. Eww. This pic will go viral.

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  1. Jamie
    January 8, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    Folks just don’t pay attention. It really looks to be about 8″,if the handle is around an 1″. I think it’s a tile scraper, which is about that size.

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