Local ghost hunters invited to Carnegie library to find paranormal activity

Carnegie library a paranormal playground?

It is now with ghost hunters poking around the place:

Spend enough time in Andrew Carnegie Free Library’s music hall in Carnegie, and you might see him — the figure known as “the man in the balcony.”

Hundreds of people reportedly have in nearly six decades, and he always is wearing a gray suit and a dark gray or black hat and sitting in the balcony’s front row, to the right of the stage.

Once he’s spotted, he disappears.

He’s a ghost, some say.

“As a library, we have an open mind. I believe all libraries do. If there are people who have interests in the paranormal, we want to accommodate that,” Klinefelter said.

A half-dozen hobbyists with three groups bearing names such as the Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters and Peace of Mind Paranormal Society mounted cameras inside the library and music hall.

Source: Pittsburgh Tribune

The library has invited several local paranormal investigation groups in to do their thing. (Libraries have open minds? What?) Quotes from the group members reveal that they are affected by their own personal experiences elsewhere, they were drawn into this hobby after watching Ghost Hunters on TV and they do not lack for cases to investigate. *sigh*

I have little patience for such hobbyists. These are folks roaming around an old building hunting for things they perceive are out of the ordinary and calling them “ghosts”. When you go in with a bias for finding something “paranormal”, it’s as simple as pie to find it. I’m not of the opinion that these groups do anything constructive in such investigations other than bestow a gratuitous “haunted” reputation to the site.

For more on this, see the Sounds Sciencey column piece I wrote for the Skeptical Inquirer website where I ask these paranormal investigators what it is they do that is “science”. The answers reveal a lot.

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  1. JoeBuddha
    January 19, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    Kool! You mean, if I call myself a “Ghost Hunter” I get to roam around old buildings at night? Sign me up!

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