Letter to the editor highlights psychic silliness

Here is a welcome piece! A local rationalist takes a newspaper’s psychic story to task.

Skeptic trashes psychic predictions.

Local psychic/astrologer, Heather Zais, says the world isn’t going to end this year, after all. That’s a relief!

Mind you, she does only claim an 80 per cent success rate for her annual predictions. Of course, with her vague, ambiguous offerings almost anything could be called a success. A couple of examples: “Business and financial ideas are promising, as long as they are grounded in reality.” And, “It’s also a year to let go of fruitless pursuits.”

I’ll make a prediction of my own for 2012… There will be no shortage of psychics, preachers, faith healers and assorted con artists with their sticky fingers in your shrinking piggy bank this year.

Credit: @blue_wode via Twitter

Thanks, Guy King from Kelowna. You hit the high points right there.

Letters to the editor are easy ways for you to voice your view. Consider a short response to local stories that make you itch. People read them. You can plant the seed of critical thought.