Killing a child to appease their gods. Yes, it still happens.

Indian Police Arrest 2 Men For Sacrificing Child.

Two men have been arrested in central India for allegedly killing a 7-year-old girl and cutting out her liver in a ritual sacrifice to ensure a better harvest, police said Monday.

Police arrested two men, both poor farmers, last week and they told police they killed the girl to appease their gods and get a better harvest, Das said.

The men were described as “tribals,” a term referring to the region’s indigenous people, most of whom remain mired in poverty and illiteracy.

Human sacrifices are rare in India but get prominent attention every few years. A deep belief in traditional healers, or witch doctors, is common in mostly tribal Chhattisgarh.

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Horrifying. I hate to have to post such stories. In fact, I WISH they were hoaxes. Sadly, I have heard that they are not. Poverty and superstition brings out the worst evil in humans.