Irony alert: Chinese palm-reading tests to predict student intelligence

Toddlers subjected to palm-reading assessments in China

Several kindergartens in a province in northern China are charging parents 1,200 yuan ($190) for a palm-reading test that they claim can predict their toddlers’ intelligence and potential, state news agency Xinhua said.

According to the company that designed the tests, Shanxi Daomeng Culture Communication Co, the reading of palms helps “determine the children’s innate intelligence and potential,” Xinhua reported.

Some experts, however, have dismissed the idea of the palm-reading technology.

Fortune-telling, including palm-reading, has deep roots in Chinese tradition, although China’s leaders have discouraged and punished devotees of the practice which they brand superstition.

Source: Reuters

Isn’t that ironic? That they are hopeful for intelligence and potential but using a superstitious practice? Traditions don’t die, but it’s obvious that the experts would like this one to fade away. Not money well spent.