I passed out and was revived… It’s a miracle!

Church points to prayer for man’s second chance at life

After a man collapsed, stopped breathing, and showed no sign of a pulse, people surrounding him at the time thought he had died. When he woke up several minutes later, the crowd was stunned and now point to faith as the answer.

On January 22nd, Fred McAfee attended a morning worship at Covenant Life Worship Center in Lake City. He got out of his chair to give an offering, and collapsed suddenly.

Several people attempted to revive Fred McAfee, and an ambulance was called. While the congregation waited, they prayed.

“Its an amazing story, really, about the power of prayer,” said the pastor. “And that miracles still do happen.”

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Hang on there… not so fast, miracle fans. There is more here than divine intervention.

We have no confirmation that he stopped breathing or heart stopped. That’s just assumed. Besides, if he did stop breathing, they did CPR to supply him with oxygen.

What’s not in the print story but is mentioned in the video report is that the man had been fasting. So, he was dehydrated and possibly low blood sugar and he passed out? Happens to the best of us.

However, stories like this making the news as “miracles”? Sad.

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  1. MattD
    February 1, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    Fear and ignorance that these places inspire has kept chruchgoers in line for generations, and clearly demonstrating a lack of critical thinking isn’t uncommon for them. Naturally, the amount of “donations” they make is largely dependent on their attendees, but even those that have good intentions are merely fooling themselves and others to make someone else a profit.

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