Haverhill College offering ghost hunting course

Hunting ghosts in Groveland is latest college course offering -The Boston Globe.

Ghost hunting is now among class offerings at Haverhill college

Ghost hunting – regardless of whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or indifferent – has its own unique methodology, requiring both sophisticated technology and otherworldly tools, along with analysis, deduction, calculations, and the ability to discern when something is merely a fluke, rather than a brush with the spirit world.

It’s a practice Kolek, of Dracut, has been honing for years, and now he’s sharing his tactics in “Paranormal CSI – Ghost Hunting 101.’’ Offered for the first time through Northern Essex Community College’s noncredit personal enrichment program, the six-week course begins Thursday at Veasey. Kolek’s recent investigation of its grounds was meant to acquaint himself with the former estate’s unseen inhabitants.

In the decade-plus he’s done investigations – of government buildings, private residences, lighthouses – he says he’s seen and heard a lot of things he can’t explain, from phantom dogs to books flying off shelves.

He expects to share some of these experiences in his upcoming class, and he’ll also teach participants how to use equipment and perform different methods. They’ll investigate Veasey, then write a paper on their own conclusions.

Source: Boston Globe

I’ve looked into this topic before, ghost classes are popular with people who are out of work, bored and/or curious about the particular current fascination with the paranormal. I object to the instructors (and the media) doing a terrible disservice by portraying ghost hunting activities as “scientific”.

For another example, see this piece “Continuing Miseducation Classes” that I wrote about a local community college that holds the same type of classes. I actually signed up for some 2 years ago but they were both cancelled for lack of students. My disappointment was tempered a bit by my silent amusement. See also Ghost Hunting – Sham Inquiry.

UPDATE: Here is another example under the banner of Oxford.

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  1. Massachusetts
    January 30, 2012 at 6:34 PM

    I’m surprised those classes were cancelled. I would think a lot of students would like to embark on something perceived as fun and zany by some, dark and mysterious by others. But perhaps the low enrollment showed that people, for the most part, are just trying to use their precious time to learn practical skills for the workplace, and don’t have too much time for an activity that most would classify as frivolous.

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