Greenpeace just wants to support their idea that GM foods are bad

Scientists refute Greenpeace claim that genetically modified corn caused new insect pest.

An article in the forthcoming issue of the Journal of Integrated Pest Management (JIPM) refutes claims by Greenpeace Germany that the western bean cutworm (WBC),Striacosta albicosta (Smith), is “a new plant pest” that was “caused by genetically engineered corn.” The Greenpeace Germany report, which was written by author Richard Then of Testbiotech, offers a “surprisingly simplistic conclusion” regarding the spread of western bean cutworm over the last decade, according to the JIPM authors.

According to the authors, “a curious theme throughout the Greenpeace Germany report, is that Then (2010) ignored the possibility of other influences on western bean cutworm range expansion, including several ecological and agronomic factors.” For example, the increasing use of conservation tillage since the mid-1990s favors the survival rate of WBC larvae because less deep plowing minimizes mortality to insect pests that overwinter in the soil. Another possible reason is the reduction or elimination of insecticide applications, which has occurred with increased use of Bt corn over the past decade, likely resulting in increased survival of the WBC. Other possibilities for the WBC range expansion, such as climate change, were also ignored by Greenpeace and Testbiotech.

Source: Science Daily

Here is a hazard of looking for evidence to support the conclusion you have already made. Greenpeace is strongly against genetically modified food. Therefore, they fail to see the complicating other factors, according to this report. As I’ve seen others note, and as happens with some environmental agencies, the fixation on an ideology will trump the data. So, these groups end up crossing the line of reason as the facts no longer matter (unless they support your view).