Geologic Concert: a gneiss night out

Host of Discovery Channel’s “Bad Universe” to Perform Space Anthem in Bethlehem, Pa

Phil Plait, host of Discovery Channel’s Bad Universe, will perform with George Hrab and the Geologic Orchestra at the historic Ice House in Bethlehem, Pa on February 18, 2012. The concert, entitled 21812: A Gneiss Night Out, is set for 8:00pm and tickets can be purchased at

Plait, an award-winning blogger at, and host of Phil Plait’s Bad Universe is a friend of musician George Hrab and appeared on his 2010 album Trebuchet. The two collaborated on the track Death from the Skies which is based on Plait’s book by the same name.

The February performance will be recorded and filmed for both a live album and DVD release, and along with Phil Plait, will feature a number of surprise performers including Hrab’s mother, who is a regular guest on his weekly “The Geologic Podcast.”

Source: George Hrab

Your friend and mine, Geo, is having this event which will be chock full of skeptical minds, music, fun and all sorts of sciencey goodness. I’ll be there. Will I see you?

I’m still waiting for my VIP tag, since I am a geologist…