Fundamentalist African witch hunter coming to Houston (updated)

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The Nigerian humanist campaigner Leo Igwe has alerted us to the fact that Helen Ukpabio, one of the leading figures in the persecution of alleged “witches” in West Africa, is to preach in the United States in March.

Last year in New Humanist, Richard Wilson reported on the fight against African witch-hunts, which are often aimed at children, and he spoke to Igwe about the activities of Ukpabio’s Liberty Gospel Church, which have included legal and physical intimidation of those campaigning against witch-hunts.

Now, Igwe is urging humanists to take note of Ukpabio’s attempt to extend her ministry to the US, where she is scheduled to hold a 12-day “Marathon Deliverance” in Houston, Texas from 14-25 March.

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Igwe says this:

Helen Ukpabio is a Christian fundamentalist and a Biblical literalist. She uses her sermons, teachings and prophetic declarations to incite hatred, intolerance and persecution of alleged witches and wizards. …Ukpabio organises deliverance sessions where she identifies and exorcises people mainly children of witchcraft.

So this person believes in witchcraft. Not helpful to solving social problems. Fundamental religion that persecutes witches? Yeah, recipe for disaster, not progress. Watch for more to come out of this story.

Update (12-Jan-2012): There is a petition to the President to deny her access to the U.S. for human rights violations.