Finally, a truly self-parking car

Runaway car parks itself in neighbour’s garage.

A car reported stolen last month in the Adelaide Hills is believed to have rolled into the garage of a nearby home, parking itself perfectly.

The car’s owner from Upper Sturt had parked the vehicle on a slight slope outside a shop in Stirling early on December 18.

The mystery was still unsolved when the new owners of a house opposite the shops returned from holidays on Wednesday.

Noticing their garage door had received minor damage and been pushed off its tracks, they suspected a break-in.

Upon inspection, they found the car inside.

Senior constable Tim Dodds says they reconstructed this sequence of events.

“It had rolled out of the shopping centre car park, across the road, down the driveway, into the garage, through the garage door which then closed on itself and there was the man’s stolen car,” he said.

Credit: Fortean Times

Quite an amazing feat which would require some near perfect settings to happen the way it did. That nothing was blocking the way, no one was around to actually see it happen, the garage door being open at the time then closing on itself. Sounds almost too perfect to be true, but it seems that it is. But it’s pretty cool.

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  1. Massachusetts
    January 6, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Hmmm…I wonder if a budding young Ferris Buehler protege had something to do with this apparent self-parking miracle? A sneaky joy ride ending in a parking prank would be one explanation.

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