Edmonton sky noises video an admitted hoax

Edmonton entertainment web site exposes the sky noise hoaxing phenomenon.

Strange Sounds in Edmonton Sky part of viral phenomenon | GIG CITY.

The creator, local student Claudine Gladue, says it’s a hoax – a hoax made by using the soundtrack to the Conklin video, which may or may not be a hoax. It’s all so terribly confusing. She explains in a short email Q&A:

Q: How did you make the video?

A: “I made the video by taking out my iPhone and merely video recorded my balcony view while holding my laptop right behind it, while my laptop played the Conklin YouTube video in the background. Took less than a minute to do this.”

Q: Why did you make it?

A: “I made it because I was surprised at the attention the Conklin video was getting, and the friends on my Facebook friends list were voicing their fear, which I think is wrong.
I easily found that the Conklin video and I believe the Ukraine video has the exact same audio on them (hello Tropical birds in Conklin), so I decided that I had to share my knowledge. I made the video to show my friends and family how easy it was (literally less than five minutes of my life to make the video and upload it) to make something like that, and how they shouldn’t believe everything they see online, and should especially not get fearful.”

Source: Gig City Edmonton

I applaud you, Claudine. While it was clear that this was a hoax of a hoax, you showed that your critical faculties were in the right place.

What shall we consider? That this bizarre, mystery noise is appearing exactly the same all over the world? Or, that it’s being copied and hoaxed very easily.

As more and more copycats and spoofs appear, this phenomena of sky noises gets watered down. This demonstrates that we must not jump to outlandish and unsupported conclusions first. We have to consider more obvious, down to earth explanations. And not panic. Well done, Claudine. And good job by Gig City.