Did a big cat leave evidence behind in Gloucestershire?

Big cat may prowl Gloucestershire wood, says National Trust: Evidence of big cats at large grows as charity investigates killing of roe deer at Woodchester Park near Stroud

Experts are carrying out DNA tests on the remains of a roe deer found at the trust’s Woodchester Park, near Stroud.

A walker came upon the carcass and thought injuries to the deer’s neck and the way the body had been consumed suggested it had been killed by a big predator.

There have long been whispers of big cats at large in Gloucestershire, but the fact the National Trust is taking this discovery seriously adds to the credibility of the stories.

Robin Allaby, associate professor at the school of life sciences at the University of Warwick, has visited the kill site to examine the evidence and take DNA samples from the wounds of the deer. The results of his tests are expected at the end of January.

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Very interesting. I’ll be eager to hear the results. If positive for a big cat, this lends additional credence to a long held idea that alien big cats are roaming and breeding in the U.K. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_big_cats Many sightings of large cats have been reported in the U.K., not all sightings can be even considered legitimate, being misidentification of perhaps overly large “moggies”, but the physical evidence is pretty good. See this post by zoologist Darren Naish.

UPDATE: 19-Jan-2012 There is a second carcass to be tested.

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  1. January 12, 2012 at 1:31 PM

    FAECES : a big cat can hide itself, but the same things applies as for all alleged mystic large animals i.e. other signs like faeces, hairs and dead bodies which don’t hide themselves. Evidence from such things would be concrete. As you can’t prove a negative then lack of evidence doesn’t disprove, but does show evidence is very poorly correlated with the number of sightings so does add weight to the argument against.

  2. tony
    January 19, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    in reply to stew green.

    how many people see a deer in thier life time stew ?
    so do we say they dont exsist ?
    to many people who sit in thier arm chairs reading reports and giving thier view.
    get out in the countryside and you might see and learn something.
    i’ve live in the area around woodchester, have seen the cat at less than 5 metres, infact i had to slow the car down for fear of running it over.
    another occasion iwas taking a short cut 1 night and got to close to it, and it told me straight to back off – which i did.
    i have found deer carcas’s many occasions, 1 in a tree.

    the number of people who have seen it around the stroud valleys cant be far off the people who havn’t seen it.

    regards from a night time out door poaching enthusiast for over 20 years

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