Dharmapala Senaratne, President of Sri Lanka Rationalist Association, dies

Can Rationalists Awaken the Sleep-walking Lankan Nation? – Groundviews.

Assorted charlatans and religious zealots across the island of Sri Lanka must have heaved a collective sigh of relief when they heard that Dharmapala Senaratne was no more. He had made it his business to make life difficult for those preying on the gullible public.

Rationalist and myth-buster Dharmapala made his final exist a few days before 2012 dawned. At 67, he still had a few more years of the good struggle left in him. He would surely have enjoyed countering the false prophets of doom — and their credulous followers — who predict the end of the world on 21 December 2012.

Dharmapala was President of the Sri Lanka Rationalist Association (SLRA), a small group of earnestly sceptical enquirers who won’t take anyone’s word about anything. They want to investigate and debate.

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This piece is an excellent overview of the troubles Sri Lankan face from pseudoscience, charlatans and belief in nonsense. Are there others brave enough to take on the “sacred cows” in his place?