Chinese government investing $1 billion in TCM

Govt invested $1b to boost TCM industry

The Chinese government put about 6 billion yuan ($948 million) from central financial budgets toward boosting the development of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) industry, nearly tripling that of 2010.

More than 4 billion yuan was used to support services in 1,814 TCM hospitals, including 88 in the less-developed western regions, Vice Health Minister Wang Guoqiang said at a TCM meeting on Tuesday.

By investing a total of 17.3 billion yuan in the TCM industry over the past three years, the country supported 16 state-level TCM research centers and 313 key TCM hospitals and promoted TCM, Wang said.

However, Wang noted that the country’s TCM industry still faces many difficulties and problems, such as a lack of leading TCM professionals and slow academic progress.

Credit: ParanormalRptr (Alejandro Rojas) via Twitter

Just think of how much good that $1 billion would have done for the Chinese people if they invested it proper sciencebased medicine, which has a lot of leading professionals and a stable academic progress.

And with a boosted investment in TCM, there is, sadly, a possibility that tigers (and other exotic animals) will get even closer to extinction.

If Traditional Chinese Medicine is so great, why do they use modern Western medicine in Chinese big cities?

This reminds me of the push in India to use homeopathy. Bad move but may appease the masses.