Boiron and others in class action suit for false claims

Boiron & Other Homeopathic Supplements Class Action Lawsuit Investigation.

Boiron homeopathic products such as ColdCalm, Chestal, Camilia, Quietude, Arnicare and others are alleged to have made false claims as to their effectiveness in treating ailments such as the flu, arthritis, sore joints, joint pain, aches, fever, coughs, insomnia or sleeplessness. Camilia for instance purports to provide teething relief for babies. Other homeopathic products companies, such as Similasan, are alleged to have made false claims regarding the effectiveness of their products for ear ache relief, or that their eye drops soothe and calm irritated and dry eyes.

If claims made by natural or homeopathic supplement companies, vendors or stores like CVS, Walgreens, Costco or Wal-mart sound too good to be true, they probably are.

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Perhaps this is a trend. It will force these companies to stop making such claims. But, I doubt it will stop them from making the products. A shame. A lot of money is spent on stuff that just doesn’t work. Boirons profits are in trouble. This type of publicity doesn’t bode well.