Blimpy UFO over Devon leaves many questions

UFO spotted in Devon – Telegraph.

Gary McDermott snapped the glowing red object, with bright flashing lights, after stopping his car to photograph a low-flying helicopter in Plymouth.

The disc-shaped UFO flashed across the sky – just as he was taking the picture – before it disappeared into the night at 9pm on Sunday.

“It must have been a UFO – and I cannot believe I am saying that because I don’t believe in them usually. I am always sceptical.

“But this was definitely not a normal aircraft. It was red, the shape they say UFO aircraft is, and had two bright lights coming out of it.

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Credit: Gary McDermott

Many questions here… because this looks very blimp-like, how fast was it going? Did it hover, move slowly? Why would he photograph a helicopter, night photography is tough. Why “must” it have been a UFO? Unidentified, OK. But it could have been someone flying a man-made object. I KNOW people want to believe in such things but the more likely explanation is less dramatic. Pictures like this do nothing to help us get to the bottom of all the things people say they see in the sky.

On January 6, there were anecdotal reports of two bright lights floating over Kent. Days later, four similar lights were seen over Essex.

They look so fake.

  2 comments for “Blimpy UFO over Devon leaves many questions

  1. Anne
    January 24, 2012 at 5:11 PM

    There’s an advertising blimp overhead very time our large golf course has a tournament, and without fail there ends up being hundreds of “UFO” reports — during the *daytime. So even with “GOODYEAR” scrawled across it, people still want to think they’ve seen something amazing. The Aliens *must* be in bed with the tire companies, ya know…..

  2. idoubtit
    January 26, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    I see a lot of these new UFO videos (daytime) are mylar balloons. And I KNOW that people have sent up lighted balloons at night to see if people will respond. They do. They see UFOs.

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