Astrology believer kills family; blames planets for bad life

Man overdoses wife, kids with pills, shoots off 6 suicide notes – Mumbai.

Well, blind faith in astrology can lead to strange things.

Palkar, in one of his suicide notes, said that the collusion of Saturn and Mars had ruined his life prompting him to take the drastic step.

While his wife Anita, 40, and sons Omkar, 11, and Omprakash, 6, have died, Palkar has been admitted to a private hospital.

“We suspect that Arun administered the sleeping pills to the children first, then his wife and after writing suicide notes, he himself consumed the pills,” police inspector (crime), Sardar Patil, from Haveli police station, said.

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From a note: “Due to the unfavorable collusion of Saturn and Mars, I started having problems in my life. It is affecting my business and my children’s life too. I insisted to my mother that I did not want to get married, but she didn’t listen. That caused problems in my life and business.”

Blind subscription to a religion, a cult leader, or a coming doom can all lead to the ultimate in irrational behavior – killing your own family. A horrible story. Some people are in their own darkness as well as Dark Ages.