2012 woo is big business

End of Mayan calendar spurs big boom in end-of-world business  – NY Daily News.

Quotes from Ben Radford and Joe Nickell.

As the new year begins and the countdown to Dec. 21, 2012 intensifies — the day when earth will supposedly implode in a cacophony of cataclysmic events or begin a new age of spiritual awakening — there is seemingly no end in sight to how people are cashing in on the end of times said to have been prophesized by the ancient Mayans.

Call it Apocalypse Cash Cow: The endless stream of books, DVDs, merchandise and even smartphone apps tied to the day when the Mayan calendar ends — and, as a slew of authors say, so will the world as we know it.

Fittingly, the people who stand to benefit the most from the 2012 hoopla aren’t hysteria-feeding writers and opportunistic Internet entrepreneurs.

Source: NY Daily News

And tourism to Mexico to boot! I’m not sure why people love this kind of stuff. Ghosts and Bigfoot, OK, spend money on that. But ridiculous nonsense like this?! Ahem.

Well, this also reminds me that Nostradamus and astrology is ridiculous nonsense and those are top sellers to this day. If we were less ethical, we could all make a killing because we know the weirder, the better.

Happy New Fear Year!