Yeti finger bone mystery solved: It’s human, not monster

Yeti finger mystery solved by Edinburgh scientists

The mystery of a yeti finger taken from Nepal half a century ago has been solved with the help of scientists at Edinburgh Zoo.

The mummified remains have been held in the Royal College of Surgeons museum in London since the 1950s.

A DNA sample analysed by the zoo’s genetic expert Dr Rob Ogden has finally revealed the finger’s true origins.

Following DNA tests it has found to be human bone.

Source: BBC News

The long-lost relic from the Pangboche Buddhist monastery in the Himalayas had a dramatic history*. For a full story, check out this narrative at the Daily Mail. The story was always intriguing, but now, it turned out to be another dead end as the finger was not “unknown” but human adding another disappointment for Yeti enthusiasts following the embarrassing spectacle of the Russian Yeti “evidence”.

Sadly, the promise of earthshaking Bigfoot/Sasquatch evidence has also not come to light this year.

What happens now?

The hairy wildman stories are decades old. Yet, over and over again, the photos, footprints, even physical pieces such as the Yeti bone, alleged scalp, hair and alleged Bigfoot traces have not led us to the creature. This is disturbing. We ought to be progressing towards more knowledge of these creatures but that is not happening. Why? Are these creatures made of folklore and hope rather than flesh and blood? So far, that’s the more reasonable conclusion.  The “concrete” evidence just crumbles away…


* There are conflicting  stories about how Peter Byrne acquired the finger. Did he steal it or negotiate for it? For more on this, see this link. Regardless, the monks knew a good deal when they saw one. They capitalized on the fact that their monastery was famous thanks to their Yeti relics and were able to raise money for it by coming to America to show the samples.

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  1. Massachusetts
    December 28, 2011 at 11:31 PM

    Has Melba Ketchum been informed?

  2. Daran
    February 9, 2012 at 6:18 AM

    Solved? Isn`t the Yeti/Bigfoot/Yowie supposed to be a hairy variety of humans?
    If so, this proves it.

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