Yes, you can observe evolution in action

Birds caught in the act of becoming a new species.

A study of South American songbirds completed by the Department of Biology at Queen’s University and the Argentine Museum of Natural History, has discovered these birds differ dramatically in colour and song yet show very little genetic differences which indicates they are on the road to becoming a new species.

For decades scientists have struggled to understand all of the varied forces that give rise to distinct species. Mr. Campagna and his research team studied a group of nine species of South American seedeaters (finches) to understand when and how they evolved.

Source: Science Daily

It’s a common argument by those who do not subscribe to evolution that it has never been observed. But, it has been, MANY times – in the lab and in nature. We have astounding amounts of evidence of speciation. This is just another observation. And, for those arguments for “micro” vs “macro” evolution… little steps and lots of time add up to big changes.

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  1. December 8, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    Evolution = Life. Wish I have more to add to that but it’s pretty much what’s been happening since the beginning of time. Our place in this world exists because “we do”. Things like perfect (or near perfect) because we’re in a perfect state. Shifting our moon, weather, gravity can have minor, but catastrophic effects, resulting in species dying off. It could be plant species or animals species, doesn’t matter. Only the strong will survive and those species will breed better equipped off springs. Some off springs, through luck or whatever might be able to survive the changes, but the majority probably won’t.

    I’ll stop there since I’m probably preaching to the choir. Disagree if you want, I’ve simulated this sort of evolution taking place many times on a computer and I’ve became convinced.

  2. Massachusetts
    December 9, 2011 at 10:12 PM

    This is clearly an example of adaptation in action, and adaptations are the building blocks of evolution. Anti-evolutionists agree that adaptation can occur, but dispute that it can transform a species into a new and different species. How does this study demonstrate transformation between species? It seems to provide excellent evidence of adaptation, but in order to make that final jump, you have to believe in evolution to start with, and then you are comfortable taking this final step. I wonder what kind of evidence would more directly demonstrate speciation in our lifetime, rather than intra species variation?

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