Why do people believe the dam will collapse? A 5 yr old psychic said so 37 years ago.(Update – it didn’t collapse)

Official slams psychic’s dam prediction

The Mineral Resources Department director-general has urged Thais not to panic about a psychic’s prediction that the Bhumibol Dam in Tak’s Sam Ngao district will burst on New Year’s Eve.

The prediction was made 37 years ago by “Pla Bu”, a psychic, who said before he died the dam would collapse around 10 pm on Dec 31. If it occurs, downstream provinces including Bangkok would be inundated and many people would be killed.

Pla Bu was nearly six years old when he made the prediction.

His father had written down the forecast and kept it at Wat Suan Sri Mahapo in Soi Dao district of Chanthaburi for years. But recently it was found on the internet and it has now become the talk of the town.

Nithad Phupatanakul yesterday called a press conference to play down the prediction which he described as “baseless”.

Source: Bangkok Post

Why would anyone place any credence in this? I can’t find much about this so-called psychic boy. There is no reason why the dam would collapse. But, I’m certain many people will move out of the way “just in case”. It’s the whole “be safe, not sorry” behavior. But officials are busy trying to reassure people that it won’t happen. That’s a waste. People are panicking unnecessarily. That’s potentially dangerous to your health for various reasons – travel, anxiety, disruption. I guess the most irritating thing is that it would cause such a superstitious reaction in the first place which reveals lack of reason. It’s modern times, psychics HAVE NEVER PREDICTED A DISASTER IN WHICH PEOPLE’S LIVES WERE SAVED. Psychic predictions are useless. This is not news. It’s a long-established fact.

UPDATE (9-Jan-2012) Nope. The dam did not collapse. And, someone is in a bit of trouble.

Thongbai Khamsa, 73, is under investigation by Thai police for allegedly circulating a prophecy over the Internet that one of the largest dams in Thailand would have collapsed on New Year’s Eve.

According to Mr Thongbai, his son made the prophecy 37 years ago. Thongbai claims that his son had also predicted the 9/11 and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.

As is clear now, the dam is still standing, so the prophecy proved wrong. Moreover, provincial officials says the false alarm has caused a 90% decline in the number of tourist arrivals during the holiday season, leading to a public loss estimated at 400 million baht, equivalent to about $13,3 million.

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  1. January 9, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    What he *really* meant was that the tourism business in the vicinity of the dam would collapse.

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