Vatican declares a miracle and sainthood based upon it » Vatican Declares Boy’s Recovery A ‘Miracle’.

In this near tragedy, A boy is diagnosed with flesh eating bacterium infection.

But the doctors’ efforts to get ahead of the infection were unsuccessful, and Jake was given his last rites. Then, suddenly, the infection stopped, stunning the doctors. The Rev. Paul Pluth, of the Archdiocese of Seattle, says that was the day an acquaintance placed a “relic” of Kateri — in this case, a small pendant — on Jake’s pillow. Pluth believes the timing was not coincidental.

…after considering testimony by the doctors and others, Pope Benedict XVI has declared it was a miracle, meaning that Kateri is expected to become a saint next year.

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So, doctors were treating him. Could it be that treatment was working and the timing was coincidental? That certainly does not make for a great story. Miracle stories like this are often missing critical details in order to make the story sound more like a miracle. For the first time, this process of investigation was presented as a TV series: Miracle Detectives. Also, see more about a scientist investigating miracles in this interview with Indre Viskontas.