UFO petitioners keep on keeping on about disclosure

UFO Hunters Keep Pressing White House For Answers Through ‘We The People’ Petitions

Two new petitions have begun collecting signatures, but unlike the original petitions in October, which required 5,000 signatures before the White House must respond, the threshold is now 25,000.

Stephen Bassett, author of the initial alien disclosure petition in September, now has a second petition up on “We The People” hoping to gather enough signatures by the Dec. 31 cutoff date.

“The second disclosure petition is intended to directly challenge the response to the first disclosure petition from the Office of Science and Technology Policy,” [says] Bassett, head of the Paradigm Research Group…

The day before the new PRG petition went up on the White House site, another one reared its head, this one co-written by Hollywood producer Bryce Zabel and UFO historian Richard Dolan.

This request simply and clearly asks the Obama administration to “investigate unidentified aerial phenomena [UAP] as reported by citizens, police, astronauts, pilots and the military.”

Source: The Huffington Post

Oh, please. If this petition makes it to the White House, tax payer dollars will be wasted on nonsense.

So, not only are they mad at the government for supposedly concealing stuff, they are asking for an investigation from the government. Investigations have been done. UFO proponents are never satisfied with the answers.

Where is the evidence that UFOs are a security issue? Don’t tell me the government knows all and hid it all for all these years. That’s nearly as hard to believe!

Since they seem to have already made the conclusion that something nefarious is going on, why don’t petitioners pony up their own money and do their own investigation? At least then, they will get the conclusion they want.

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  1. December 7, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    Personally, I’m quite interested in the “aerial phenomena” that involves eight magic reindeer pulling a large fancy sleigh occupied by a fat man dressed mostly in red.

    I’m sure the government isn’t revealing everything they know about this so-called “Santa Claus”.

    It’ll be a very sad commentary on our gullible society if they actually get 25,000 signatures.

  2. What
    January 15, 2012 at 3:19 PM

    You’re right in saying it is pointless to ask for an investigation on the government by the government.

    “Where is the evidence that UFOs are a security issue? Don’t tell me the government knows all and hid it all for all these years. That’s nearly as hard to believe!”

    They do know a lot, and the only reason it is ‘hidden’ from our collective conscious is because of the self-satisfying and intellectually lazy mindset of the author of this article and Karl.

    Forget YouTube videos of UFOs and forget people trying to sell books about their “close encounters”. This is ONE of hundreds of accounts from military personnel around the globe concerning the phenomenon.

    In 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base, multiple nuclear weapons were disarmed after multiple military personnel witnessed UFO’s in the area. They recently collectively testified about the events of that day, and insist that a cover-up was/is being perpetuated.

    [CNN coverage of testimony http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZZOBuVw34M&feature=related ]

    You don’t necessarily need to believe the above story, but where does the buck stop for lazily discrediting human testimony? Why should we as a society believe anything in our history books? It is all human testimony.

    In this particular case, these men were charged with the duty of handling our state’s NUCLEAR WEAPONS. We trust them to handle our nuclear weapons, but when they put forth something that challenges our narrow world view, that trust disappears?

    There are hundreds of military/government witnesses who have testified to the fact that at least SOMETHING is going on in our air space that is under intelligent control and out of our control. What if people of equivalent credentials said they witnessed Chinese fighter jets fly by an air force base right before the forced disarming of our nuclear weapons took place? Would you brush off the story so callously?

    Our earth is 4.5 billion years old. Two hundred years ago we discovered the basic fundamentals of electricity generation. Human scientific development is not highly evolved, though we have achieved a great deal.

    Facing a plethora of testimony from credentialed people with nothing-to-gain and all-to-lose from testifying, it is irrational to automatically discredit all of them simply because “that’s stupid”/”that’s impossible”/”they’re gullible”.

    Who are you to say you know the limits of possibility in the universe? The point of being a skeptic is NOT to discredit something just because it sounds stupid or challenges the status-quo. It is to question everything with a rational and open mind while weighing all relevant evidence.

    Who are you to say you know the limit of possibility in the universe?

    It is currently impossible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this phenomenon is occurring. It was also impossible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earth revolves around the sun until F.W. Bessel provided experimental evidence for the theory in 1838.

  3. idoubtit
    January 15, 2012 at 7:50 PM

    Commenter has been blocked.

    Rational and pithy debate only. We aren’t here to give you a forum for rambly nonsense.

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