U.K. Chiropractor suspended for excessively treating patient

Croydon chiropractor who “excessively” treated patient suspended.

A chiropractor who misdiagnosed a patient and treated her “excessively” has been suspended.

Robert Clad, of the Chiropractic Centre in George Street, Croydon, was also accused of encouraging the patient to disregard advice from another health professional and to cease taking her medication.

Mr Clad was alleged to have influenced the patient to encourage other patients to stay under his care and continue with chiropractic treatment.

Source: Your Local Guardian

This is a hazard – when a non-medical professional thinks they know more than a physician and can convince the patient of it. Of course disputes can happen between doctors but the problem that stuck out here is the “alarmist” way he presented results to the patient and appears to encourage her that chiropractic will solve her issues. If true, that is potentially health-threatening and unethical.

He is suspended for 2 months.

  1 comment for “U.K. Chiropractor suspended for excessively treating patient

  1. Alan
    February 8, 2012 at 6:48 AM

    I’m a chiropractor and quite rightly this guy should be suspended…….. but a ‘non-medical’ professional?
    I spent 5 years studying chiropractic and general medicine, I spend my days reading journals and big text books telling me all sorts of medical facts, I practice 100% evidence based medicine under the most tightly regulated of all the healthcare councils.
    I take exception to the subtext ‘non-medical’.
    Please clarify the term after you have received and read the course syllabuses from AECC and WIOC and stop being so glib about an entire profession.

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