The Healthy Skeptic tells you gifts to NOT buy

Some gifts aren’t worth pulling out of Santa’s bag –

Health and fitness products can make great holiday gifts. A thoughtfully chosen natural remedy or exercise device sends all of the right messages: I care about you, I want you to feel your best and I don’t want to risk guessing wrong about your sweater size.

But if you give a health product that doesn’t live up to its claims, you end up sending a different message: I didn’t do my homework, sorry for the disappointment and, hey, better luck next year.

In an annual tradition, the Healthy Skeptic has gathered several items that could conceivably end up on a gift list.

Credit: Blue_wode on Twitter

This article features info on the O2-B Personal Oxygen Bar, the Energy Athletic golf shirt, Dream Water and the Sunlight 365 lamp. None are recommended for various reasons – mostly because they are based on concepts that are not true or there are flaws in getting from scientific concept to product usefulness.

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  1. December 11, 2011 at 7:50 PM

    Interesting concept. I think this year I will get people I don’t like homeopathic remedies. That way, what is ailing them won’t really be treated. 🙂

    The Inconvenient Truth

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