Take a fun spooks and monsters tour through the Christmas season (updated)

A fun romp through all the supernatural stuff of the holiday season:

Christmas: A supernatural season of mainstream belief

…move over, Halloween, because with all its ghosts and monsters Christmas is the better supernatural season.

During Christmas, along with the hidden landmass in the North, which is like Atlantis but with a toy workshop, American society readily accepts the existence of another hidden city called Whoville. Talk begins anew each holiday season about the species of roast-beast eating Whos – discovered by the renowned Dr. Seuss in 1957 – who are terrorized by a green, cave-dwelling, bipedal humanoid with an enlarged heart who resides on Mt. Crumpit. The so-called “Grinch” domesticates dogs, and under the right circumstances, it possesses the physiological ability to grow its heart by two sizes.

Source: Paranormal Pop Culture

Cool! Never thought about it this way before! Well, it’s the most magical time of the year, I guess.

Aaron forgot to mention the religious miracle stories that abound. But we all know those and, besides,  I like Bumbles better.

And here is another great source of additions to your Christmas list of characters: The World of Grim Christmas Creatures

What would Christmas be without witches? Well, for Norwegians, it might be a little less stressful. There is a long-held belief in this country that Christmas Eve is a favorite time for witches to steal brooms; hiding brooms and mops on Christmas Eve became a tradition, which is still carried out by some to this day. Some die-hard believers will even fire guns into the air that night before bed to be sure and scare away the would-be thieves.