Piranhas will eat you

Here’s something out of a horror movie…

Teenager ‘dies jumping into piranha-infested river’

A teenager has been attacked and killed by piranhas in northeastern Bolivia.

Police have said the 18-year-old was drunk when he jumped out of a canoe in Rosario del Yata, 400 miles north of the capital of La Paz.

A spokesman said the man bled to death after the attack.

Source: The Telegraph (UK)

Not much to go on yet, but read our past piece on piranhas causing trouble in this area.

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  1. Massachusetts
    December 9, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    I thought Penn and Teller proved on their new show that Piranha won’t kill you? Maybe there well fed ones won’t, but wild, hungry ones will? Sorry if your other posts answer this question. I’m writing prematurely I guess. 🙂

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