Near London? Don’t miss Beyond the Veil

Prepare to have your illusions shattered

On Saturday 14 January 2012 the British Humanist Association and the Centre for Inquiry UK will be taking a closer look at spirits, mediums and ghosts. Prepare to have your illusions shattered as all things spooky, paranormal, and unbelievable come under the microscope.

Introduced by Dr Stephen Law, editor of the Royal Institute of Philosophy’s journal Think: Philosophy For Everyone and Provost of Centre for Inquiry UK, the day will prove to be a thought-provoking event for a wide audience. Speakers include Dr Chris French, Professor of Psychology and Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths University of London; best-selling author Richard Wiseman; Ian Rowland, the writer and entertainer who taught Derren Brown to read fortunes; professional trickster Paul Zenon; and ghost-hunter Hayley Stevens.

Date and time: Saturday 14 January 2012, Registration: 10.30am 11:00am – 16.00pm

Venue: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL

More information here.

Tip: The Anomalist

Looks awesome. Wish I could be there.

Speaking of Professor Chris French, check out this excellent article regarding the decline of parapsychology and the rise of anomalistic psychology. What is the difference? Worth a read to answer that.

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