Mysteries: Solved

Five Solved ‘Unexplained Mysteries’ of 2011

Each year brings new puzzles and mysteries to challenge skeptics and put our wits to the test. Sometimes mysteries take weeks, months, or even years or decades to solve, and while most of the public’s attention naturally focuses on the still-mysterious, it’s always worth reflecting on former mysteries.

This past year saw two high-profile cryptozoological (monster) mysteries finally solved, that of the Puerto Rican chupacabra and the French Beast of Gévaudan. There were also three new UFO / alien cases that made international news before eventually being solved (in Russia, Israel, and Los Angeles). I participated in solving several of these mysteries. Here’s to a new year of fresh investigation, and hopefully 2012 will end with an even longer list of solved mysteries!

Source: Benjamin Radford

It WAS a good year. These were all excellent stories. The UFOs and ET stories made news worldwide because people are fascinated with mysteries. However, just a bit of digging proved they were mistakes or hoaxes. The Beast of Gévaudan and chupacabra stories were exposed through years careful research. I have the utmost respect for those that question these claims and search for the answers. You can have your mysterious universe, we here at DN prefer to find out what REALLY happened. That gets us somewhere.

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  1. December 29, 2011 at 2:22 PM

    OM(nonexistent)Gawd what could be more awesome than solving mysteries. Team religion has it all wrong when they claim to kow all the answers. team skeptic has it right…let’s find out together. Funny thing I thot I discovered a new thing (for me that is), but it turned out to be a huge, but still cute, rat. Capybara

    Happy holidays and happy new year buddy. c’ya in the twitterverse.

    Heart, Kriss

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