Let’s get real: TSA focuses on 17-Year-Old With ‘Gun Purse’

TSA Stop 17-Year-Old With ‘Gun Purse’

A Florida teen wound up missing her flight because her purse had the hollow imprint of a gun on the side.

Vanessa and her mom say it’s hard to believe anyone could mistake this design for a real gun. It’s just a few inches in size. It’s hollow. And she’s taken it on planes before.

Not taking any chances with TSA firearm policy risk, the security mishap made the 17-year-old miss her flight. But according to the Examiner, the TSA had no other way to look at it. The purse that is.

“As it turns out, the TSA has the law on its side in this case. A rule passed by the agency in 2002 strictly prohibits passengers from bringing “realistic replicas of firearms” on board an aircraft.”

Credit: @NewsyVideos via Twitter

Here’s the news report video of the incident, where you also get to see the purse in question. Doesn’t really look realistic to me:

Why is the TSA wasting time on obviously fake things and losing additional credibility in the process? Meanwhile, someone can get an actual gun through screening and knives, twice. OK, mistakes are made but let’s focus on the real threats.