Japanese man survives the cold by “hibernating”

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Japanese man in mystery survival.

Mitsutaka Uchikoshi, 35, went missing on 7 October after going with friends to climb Mount Rokko in western Japan.

Mr Uchikoshi is believed to have tripped and lost consciousness after leaving his party to descend from the mountain on his own.

“He fell into a hypothermic state at a very early stage, which is similar to hibernation,” said Dr Shinichi Sato, who treated Mr Uchikoshi.

Professor Hirohito Shiomi, a hibernation expert at a university in Hiroshima, was quoted by the Associated Press news agency as saying the case was “revolutionary, if the patient truly survived at such a low body temperature over such a long period of time”.

Credit: @Matthetube (Matt Crowley) via Twitter

What a cool story! While this isn’t the first case where hypothermia has actually saved someone’s life instead of, more commonly, leading to their death, this situation doesn’t happen very often.

We’re glad Mr. Uchikoshi survived. [Stay Indestructable!*]

*(tm) George Hrab