In uncertain times, skeptics are voice of reason in New Zealand poll

Kiwis put faith in psychics and aliens

Economic woes, job uncertainty and aftershocks could all be reasons why Kiwis are putting their faith in mediums, star signs and even visitors from other planets.

New research shows a third of New Zealanders believe Earth has been visited by UFOs and more than half believe some people possess psychic powers.

Vicki Hyde, spokeswoman for the Skeptic Society, is dubious about the findings.

“People want to think that there are people with amazing powers out there, particularly if they’ve invested money in them.”

Source: 3News New Zealand

As Vicki says in the article, in uncertain times, people seek a sense of control. These findings could be reflective of this. When times get tough, people get scared, and turn more towards superstitious thinking such as psychics and mystical ideas. This is one reason why we need skeptics societies to point out the error in reliance on magic to deal with real life.