Horrifying tales of albino ‘genicide’

SPELL OF THE ALBINO – ModernGhana.com.

In Tanzania, body parts of albinos are a cash crop of sorts. A complete set of body parts – including limbs, genitals, ears, tongue and nose – can sell for $75,000. The surge in the use of albino body parts as a good luck charm is a result of the kind of marketing exercise by witch doctors who propagate the myth that spiritual potions made out of albino body parts bring good fortune. This has driven the demand among wealthy buyers and endangered the lives of Tanzanian albinos.

Still, despite the incontrovertible war being waged against albinos, it seems that the biggest battle must be fought against witchdoctors. These witchdoctors have managed to hold captive the hearts and minds of the average Tanzanian, fueling what the Tanzanian albino advocacy group Asante Mariamu, considers “a form of genocide.” Perhaps the legal conviction that fellow albino Isaack Timothy seemed most eager about was that of the town witch doctor. “There is no way that even a Tanzanian court could let them free because he admitted already to be involved. I’m really happy with this job.” Timothy said of the results of the undercover investigation, “Let it continue.”

Credit: Blue_wode on Twitter

This story is EXTREMELY disturbing. It is an example of the absolute worst thing that can happen as a result of superstition – children are tortured, maimed and killed. Horrifying inhumanity over nonsense.