Monster fish pegged as bird snatchers

Our lake monster

The mystery as to the identity of the large fish which jumped out of Lake Burley Griffin near the Canberra Yacht Club and ate a seagull skimming across the surface of the water (Burley Monster, November 19) may have been solved.

”The Burley Monster is most likely to be a Murray cod, of which there are many large ones living in the lake,” claims Nick Rusanov, of Isabella Plains.

“‘All the other guys in the group were using yabbies and worms and didn’t catch anything, apart from the odd carp or two, but my mate, Mick, who used a small dead bird he’d found as bait, reeled in a 40kg, 1.2m-long monster cod.”

Credit: Sam Basta, Jr

Stories abound of monsters in lakes and rivers that take birds underwater in a silent whoosh. This lends credence to the story reported earlier that the thing eating birds in East London is not a crocodile, but a huge fish with a taste for poultry.

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  1. scott mardis
    December 5, 2011 at 8:39 PM

    Why of course it’s not a crocodile- it’s a plesiosaur!……but seriously,folks, some people are inclined to think some sea, lake and river ” monsters ” are nothing more than large fish like a sturgeon, a wels catfish or a northern pike. I’m an agnostic on this particular idea but I can tell you this: A large lake sturgeon pulled out of Lake Washington ( Washington State ) in 1987 would appear to have been the ” duck eating monster ” in the lake that people had talked about for a decade previously.There was a report from Lake Champlain in 2004 of some tourists allegedly seeing a ” Champ ” attacking a sea gull.And a ” Cadborosaurus ” report from 1934 tells of an animal taking a duck at the water surface.So, if your aquatic ” monsters ” are only large fish, then this would appear to be a possible pattern.

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