Family blames Satanist-obsessed therapists for the Carole Myers tragedy

A harrowing story about false memories and how they devastated a woman and her family:

The mystery of Carole Myers | Society | The Observer.

They [Felsteads – Carole’s family] felt shattered about the claims she’d made in her life assessment – and confused. She said she’d been abused by Joseph and his wife, who were the high priest and priestess of a satanic cult, and that during her teens she’d had six children – some fathered by Joseph – that she’d been forced to kill. She also said she had an implant in her eye that would explode if she spoke of the satanists, and that a friend she’d confided in was murdered in front of her.

Carole’s charges were easily proven to be false. The sister, whose murder she’d apparently witnessed, actually died of heart problems two years before Carole was born. The house fire, too, predated Carole’s birth. And yet, to the Felsteads’ disbelief, it seemed the mental-health professionals rarely challenged these impossible horrors. Worse, they’d concluded that Carole’s psychological problems came as a result of this fictitious abuse.

But the family is pointing the finger straight back at the clinicians. They believe the blame for Carole’s psychological downfall lies with credulous, satanist-obsessed therapists who went along with her claims that she’d been sexually menaced.

Credit: Chris French @chriscfrench on Twitter

The article features comments by Chris French and Elizabeth Loftus on implanted false memories. Described are lurid stories of Satanic crimes, rituals, and sexual assaults. They are simply unbelievable. There is also no basis that alleged Satanic activities such as these EVER took place or that Carole was abused by her family as she supposedly said. But, sadly, people really believe this stuff. Belief, based on false memories, is still enough to ruin live and cause a genuine tragedy.

Here is another tale about therapist “pushing” the ideas about abuse:

“They definitely pushed the idea that I had been abused as a child on me,” said Dara Vanek, 28, of Philadelphia, who stayed at Castlewood for several months in 2007 and 2008. “To all of a sudden have this huge amount of doubt about what happened in my childhood was incredibly damaging and shaming for me.”

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  1. Massachusetts
    December 12, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    I think the part about the exploding implant in the eye should have given the whole story away as outrageous and likely to be false. However, I suspect the therapists may have simply decided that this one detail wasn’t true but the others were, though it’s hard to believe that didn’t tip them off. I suspect they were so invested in the process that they couldn’t disengage from their theory.

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