Failure to find missing Baby Lisa starts a psychic storm (updated)

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Psychic Accused of Eyeing Reward Money

The search for the 1-year-old baby Lisa Irwin, who has been missing from her Kansas City home since Oct 4, has taken a rather interesting turn after the self-proclaimed psychic, Stephanie Almaguer, from Texas claimed that she has had visions on the whereabouts of the baby.

Stephanie, who has also worked on other missing persons’ cases, has been criticized by the media as well as the public.

Stephanie Almaguer reportedly wrote an email last week responding the comments on the radio talk shows.


This is getting completely ugly and all-around sad. The media are portraying Almaguer as after the reward money and accuse her of having asked for reimbursement for another case. She has put herself into a media storm by repeatedly responding to the charges. In the her reply from the link above, she admits her success rate is not good – 0%. But she perseveres. Why? Because she believes she is doing the right thing. She believes she can help.

Once again, psychics do not succeed in solving these cases. That SHOULD be the end of the story…

UPDATE (12-8-11): OK this is getting COMPLETELY ridiculous.

Lisa Irwin Exclusive: Famed Psychic Reveals… | Gather.

Regarding the Lisa Irwin disappearance, famed psychic profiler Carla Baron has made a shocking revelation. She mentions that during a recent taping for a Dr. Phil special, she was asked about the high-profile case. Her revelation seems to differ from ones of recent characters emerging in this ongoing missing persons investigation.

“I sense this child is alive. Those victims abducted, especially so young and precious, to still be alive after this length of time – it’s very rare. But Baby Lisa is being loved, and cherished, nurtured, cared for … this I do see. The couple loves her so. Yes, a serious crime has been committed here. Not saying this is right or fair for the family from which she was taken, but karmic … perhaps. I psychically sensed that Elizabeth Smart was also alive one month after her disappearance – recounted in detail about it on a morning radio program here in Los Angeles. Like I said, it is rare. But blissful when proven to be true.”