Experience how professional Bigfoot trackers operate in weekend expeditions

Shawn at Bigfoot Evidence has posted a rundown of the most popular Bigfoot field trips and how much they cost.

Bigfoot Expeditions: Who’s the cheapest?

We’ve heard some amazing stories from recent BFRO expeditions and we wondered how much it would cost to join in on the fun. After searching around, we discovered how much the BFRO currently charges compared to others.

Yes, you too can join in the fun of hiking through the woods looking for a creature that no one has ever proven to exist. It sounds a lot like ghost hunts but in the forest where real animals can actually get you. So, break out the thermal imagers and knock on some wood, maybe the big guy will throw rocks at you if you are lucky. No guarantees of course for your $500.

As Shawn notes, these are not unlike weekend trips with hunting or fishing guides that cost several hundreds of dollars (except for the obvious differences in your intended quarry). You also may be able to participate by contacting your local Bigfoot tracking group or befriending your neighborhood Squatcher.

While this sounds very intriguing, it’s all about having a personal experience – almost like an adventurous right of passage – the idea of spending a weekend imagining Bigfoot is out there does not particularly appeal to me.

Besides, there is no place to plug in my iphone, so I’ll pass. I’ll leave Bigfoot tracking to the self-styled professional moneymakers.

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  1. CoastalMike
    December 25, 2011 at 9:15 AM

    This seems to be very much like the “snipe hunt” rite of passage for boys in my home town. Except now you have to pay a few hundred dollars, and they don’t reveal the hoax or publicly ridicule you afterwards.

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