Conjoined twins: One baby born with two heads

Brazilian baby born with two heads | Mail Online.

The 25-year-old mother, who lives in a rural area of the state, had no ultra-sound scans during her pregnancy and only found out about the abnormality minutes before the baby was born at 1am on Monday morning.

He said: ‘When doctors scanned her they realised that the baby had two heads and that a normal birth would be a great risk both for mother and baby. The caesarean took an hour because the baby was sitting down.

‘Despite all the problems we have as a small interior hospital we managed to save both mother and baby, which was our aim. And for us it was a great surprise to find out that the child was in really good health.’

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Conjoined twins such as this happened several times before. I’m not certain of the survival rate for polycephalics, there are many that do not survive long in many different species. But many two-headed animals have been documented. A human example of what appears to be a similar occurrence is Abigail and Brittany Hensel. Born 1990, they live a high-quality life in the U.S.

Update (21-Dec): This article from BBC News said that only one set of organs is present and they may remove one of the heads.