Blame it on the falling sky. Blame it on the satellite.

Man Escapes Death As Satellite Fragment Crashes Through His Roof

A Siberian man had a piece of a Russian satellite crash through his home after a system failure sent both the communication satellite and its rocket plummeting back to the Earth’s surface.

Andrei Krivorukov, the homeowner, went out to his yard minutes before the crash to gather firewood. A fragment of a Meridian satellite then crashed through his roof while he remained outside unharmed.

Krivorukov’s home, which is in the Ordyn district, had a titanium ball of about 5 kg smash through his roof.

No one was harmed in the crash, but the village administration has agreed to repair the house for free.

Tip: The Anomalist

Pieces of the rocket were seen flying through the skies in Russia. Some thought it was a UFO.


This guy was pretty lucky. Gee, 2011 sure was a year of fall space junk.

“It looked like a very, very slow meteor fragmented in several pieces…”

“Blame it on the black star, Blame it on the falling sky, Blame it on the satellite that beams me home.”

– Radiohead,  Black Star