Be a psychic: where a 5th grade education nets you a million dollars.

Oh, and jail…

Hollywood (FL) psychic sent to prison for fraud

A Hollywood fortune teller was sentenced Tuesday to 37 months in federal prison after being arrested again for duping people with claims she could free them from evil spirits.

Bridgette Evans, 33, raked in $1.6 million from clients who believed she could eradicate otherworldly forces causing them misfortune, court records show. She would instruct people to send her cash—and in one case, a Rolex watch—that she would use in a spiritual ritual, promising to return the money once the spirits disappeared. She didn’t.

Her attorney, Jim Lewis, argued Evans is a victim of the “gypsy culture” in which she was raised. She has a fifth-grade education and has had to make money as a psychic, he said.

“Her life has been ruined because of the position her family and her culture have put her in,” Lewis said.

Source: Sun Sentinel

Hmm. Special pleading. I’m not feeling much sympathy for the victims, though. There is no excuse for such ignorance or superstitious thinking in the 21st century. Yet, there is is.