Up your nose with a jolt of no-doze

Turbo Snort Nasal Spray Gives Caffeine Heads a New Way To Wake Up.

Turbo Snorts’ homeopathic formulation features herbal extracts of guarana, green tea and kola nut to deliver the energizing and mental focus properties of caffeine. The amino acid complex is a proprietary combination designed to increase absorption and regulate the delivery of sustained energy and endurance throughout the body. Each spray delivers 0.96 mg of amino acids and less than 1 mg of caffeine, but the effects are far superior to overly potent energy drinks. Just two sprays per nostril provides up to three hours of sustained energy and superior mental focus.

Credit: @blue_wode on Twitter

Whoa. Snorting caffeine. This PR release sends up so many red flags!

What is “homeopathic formulation”? How does amino acids up the nose work? Where are the safety and efficacy tests? What effect does this have on the lining of your nose? Is it addictive? Can it be dangerous in high doses?

This is not the first caffeine spray product but it is the first with added supplements. I have not been able to find literature on the efficacy or safety of these products. (If you find some, please post in comments!) There is some basis to delivering caffeine in small doses to sustain the effect and not cause a crash. However, I don’t see how you would avoid the tolerance buildup, eventually needing more and more for an effect.

Buyer beware. As with many supplements, we don’t know the overall effects yet because it was not tested in multiple clinical trials.

Need to stay awake? Try getting sleep beforehand.

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  1. Pjevs
    November 29, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    I think I will have my coffee in the old fashion way,I don’t want to inhale any drinks or food through my nostrils.

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