Stating the obvious: Fix-a-flat is not for cosmetic surgery procedures.

In your “Holy Crap! How can people be so stupid?” story of the day…

Police say ‘doctor’ injected woman with cement | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Morris, a self-proclaimed doctor, injected a concoction of “fix-a-flat” — cement, mineral oil and Super Glue — into the woman’s buttocks, police said.

The materials eventually spread through her body and nearly killed her.

The woman, whose name is not being released because of medical-privacy laws, went to three different hospitals before doctors finally figured out the cause of the mystery ailment that caused pneumonialike symptoms and left large, infected welts on her backside.

The woman is still undergoing home health treatments, and remains in poor health.

Credit: @skepdude on twitter

What What?

It’s incredible that someone would attempt such a procedure. But this “self-proclaimed” doctor has been caught. “Morris was charged with practicing medicine without a license and causing great bodily injury, a felony.”

The victim paid $700 for a series of injections that took place in a house in a residential neighborhood. Authorities had a difficult time finding Morris and suspect other may have been harmed because victims were too embarrassed to come forward and talk to police. Yeah. So many puns and jokes to make… I won’t go there.

Here is more from the HuffPo:

A woman who wanted to work at a nightclub started searching for someone who could perform plastic surgery at a cheap price to give her a curvier body. Police say what she found was a woman posing as a doctor who filled her buttocks with cement, mineral oil and flat-tire sealant.

I have no comment…. I have no words.

But here is a picture…
Update 21 Nov as this story shows up everywhere, the picture of the “doctor” appears. WHO wants to look like this?