River monster in London?

River monster alert.

A mystery creature that eats geese in the blink of an eye has returned to haunt murky waters around the £9billion Olympic Park.

Six years ago there were fears a crocodile was stalking big birds as they were sucked from a river’s surface – never to be seen again.

Now it seems to be back. Mike Wells, a boat-dweller living on the River Lea in East London, was last week sitting on his barge with a friend when their peace was shattered.

Mike now wants the Environment Agency to investigate.

Credit: The Anomalist

A crocodile eating the geese? Sure! Why not?

Well, you would likely see a croc on the surface. Actually, a giant catfish sounds like a more feasible explanation. They can live through the winter. And I think they can eat birds. What say you good people?

Update: Dec 14 The monster resurfaces in the Daily Mail.