Psychic tips not helpful to solving Baby Lisa case – psychic lashes out at critics

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Nothing Found at Old Casino Site, Psychic Turns Abusive on Blog – International Business Times.

In response to a blog post by Dallas psychic Stephanie Almaguer, volunteers initiated a thorough search for Lisa Irwin in the vicinity of a closed casino about two miles from the missing baby’s residence. Like numerous other leads in the case, however, Almaguer’s hunch proved to be an empty one.

After Almaguer’s hunches were proven wrong, however, she is now claiming the media misrepresented her.

And this story is very telling:

The search area was based on the vision of a psychic from Texas. She said she saw a river by a tower and other elements that locals connected to this property.

“You watch it on television, and they hit it on the head a lot of times, and a lot of times they don’t, so you don’t know. Keep your fingers crossed,” said Jerry Grimes, of Grandview.

Credit: JREF forum

Here is more about the psychic who lashed out at her critics.

To be fair, many skeptics do not call psychics who help in these cases liers or frauds but that they think they are helping. No psychic has provided pertinent information that was supernaturally gained and ultimately helpful in solving any case. In fact, they tend to send the police on wasteful excursions.

Police said they have received multiple tips from multiple psychics but none that have provided anything useful.

Earlier post on the deluge of psychics who want to “help”.

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  2. Trekkie Monster
    November 29, 2011 at 4:31 PM

    I think it’s hilarious on all the sites that question her credibility or doubt her “gift” she is the first one to respond. It’s entertaining to follow this train wreck and her hideously awesome grammar. Schadenfreude.

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