Singh bashes Prince of Wales for being ‘ideologically fixated’ about alternative medicine

Prince of Wales ‘ideologically fixated’ about alternative medicine, says Simon Singh – Telegraph.

The Prince of Wales refuses to accept the failings of alternative medicine despite compelling evidence that it provides little benefit to patients because he is ‘ideologically fixated’, one of Britain’s leading science writers warned yesterday.

The heir to the throne will not accept that treatments such as homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic therapy do not work in the vast majority of cases, according to Simon Singh.

Speaking at the Hay Festival in Kerala, India, Singh said that hundreds of scientific studies had concluded that alternative medicine is ineffective.

Yet despite this, the Prince of Wales continues to believe the therapies can help patients because of his ideological commitment to the natural world, Singh said.

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Simon has no trouble speaking up. As revealed in this post, the Royals have lots of non-scientific ideas about the universe, alt med is another one. Simon notes that alt med treatments are popular in part because they have celebrity endorsements, like the Prince. He says, ‘It’s a shame, because he’s so influential.’ And misinformed.

Dr. Steve adds his assessment to Prince Charles promotion of “natural” medicine. The Prince of CAM