Big questions about post-Fukushima ‘anti-radiation’ pills

Post-Fukushima ‘anti-radiation’ pills condemned by scientists | Environment | The Guardian.

The Green party’s former science and technology spokesman is promoting anti-radiation pills to people in Japan affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, that leading scientists have condemned as “useless”.

Dr Christopher Busby, a visiting professor at the University of Ulster, is championing a series of expensive products and services which, he claims, will protect people in Japan from the effects of radiation. Among them are mineral supplements on sale for ¥5,800 (£48) a bottle, urine tests for radioactive contaminants for ¥98,000 (£808) and food tests for ¥108,000 (£891).

Credit: Blue_wode on Twitter

Busby is making some controversial claims here and it’s not going over well…

Niwa described Busby’s faith in magnesium and calcium supplements for guarding against radionuclides such as strontium, uranium and plutonium as “baseless”.

I’ll say. And there is concern about where the money goes for these expensive supplements. Questions, questions….