One would probably not forget about sacrificing a baby to Satan

A psychologist accused of hypnotizing a woman into believing she possessed multiple personalities and participated in satanic rituals may be sued by several others who say they were also told they had been a part of a satanic cult, according to a Missouri attorney.

The complaint alleges Nasseff’s therapist, Mark Schwartz, “carelessly and negligently hypnotized [Nasseff]” while she was under the influence of “various psychotropic medications” to treat depression and anxiety. The hypnosis allegedly created false memories, including the belief that she was “a member of a satanic cult and that she was involved in or perpetrated various criminal and horrific acts of abuse.”

One of those acts included “sacrificing her sister’s baby on the altar of Satan”…

Credit: @rjblaskiewicz (Bob Blaskiewicz) on Twitter

Quoted in this story about false and repressed memories is one of my very favorite scientists, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus. Dr. Loftus did groundbreaking research that showed how EASY it was to implant false memories into people’s brains. If you are not familiar with her work, please read her book, Eyewitness Testimony, and check out her interview on Skeptically Speaking.